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                      Beijing Owrely Technology Co., Ltd. Owrely is a professional photovoltaic product, photovoltaic system and power supply company.
                      The photovoltaic system we designed has formed specialized, standardized and serial products. From dozens of watts to dozens of kilowatts, we can meet all the needs of all grid photovoltaic applications such as communication base station, army, field monitoring, power free area, municipal facilities and so on.
                      Owrely can provide users with optimized design of off network photovoltaic system, perfect system configuration, simple installation and debugging. The user can complete the system engineering without a thorough understanding of the photovoltaic system.

                      Distributed photovoltaic power generation solution
                      The distributed photovoltaic power system mainly uses large scale solar cell array to convert the solar energy into direct current. Through the lightning protec

                      Photovoltaic intelligent monitoring system
                      The World Energy Commission (WEC) predicts that oil will be exhausted after 43 years, and natural gas will be exhausted after 66 years, and the coal with the la

                      Heat dissipation solution for wind power inverter
                      With the enhancement of environmental awareness and the demand for renewable energy, the technology of wind power generation has attracted increasing attention.

                      Solution of photovoltaic inverter
                      A key device in the solar power system is the photovoltaic inverter, which can convert the high-voltage direct current from the solar panel to alternating curre