Visualize the music in your iPhone, iPod touchiPad and Apple Watch!

Carmen plays music from your music library, analyzes it while playing, and displays the sound through a variety of different visualizers.


  • Visualize your music!
  • Elegant and simple user interface allows you to focus on the visuals.
  • Universal and supports full resolution retina displays, in all orientations, on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad!
  • Several diverse visualizers to choose from.
  • Custom music picker that works in both portrait and landscape modes.


Carmen does not use the microphone for audio input. It analyzes the music directly from your library while it is playing.


Carmen is perfect for viewing and listening through headphones, AirPlay or a speaker dock.


You can easily control playback with simple gestures, such as a two finger tap for play / pause, one finger swipes for next / previous, two finger swipes for changing visualizers and more.


Available on the App Store

NOTE: Carmen cannot visualize songs that are protected by DRM, nor can it visualize songs that have not been downloaded through iTunes Match. Songs that cannot be visualized will be filtered from the music picker.